Category 8: T-shirts and other garments

"Great soft feel and fine resolution half-toning"

"Great soft feel and fine resolution half-toning"

gold winner: Hands of Miles


Hands of Miles contains images of Irving Penn, the quintessential commercial photographer who was commissioned to shoot the elusive jazzman Miles Davis. Several remarkable hand studies resulted, where the hand is allowed to take over from the face the task of representing identity.


silver winner: lionnes

Creative Print (Nantong)

High level detail of soft water based printing onto dark grounds High level detail of soft water based printing onto dark grounds.


silver winner: industry

Monster Press

With the introduction of digital printing, this design is a play on what has been said in the industry for years, that screen printing is dying & will be replaced by digital printing. With the latest advancements in digital technology, to some this is looking like a real possibility.

So we worked with UK artist, Christopher Lovell to create this piece. We decided to go for a post-apocalyptic & run down factory, as this is a view some may hold of the screen printing industry, messy, polluting & highlights the fact that this is viewed as a dying industry. However, the scale of the factory shows that screen printing remains very much alive despite the advancements in digital technology.

We wanted to make sure the print showed the best of modern screen printing, with good detail, a soft hand & excellent durability.


bronze winner: twigs

Matter of Spirit Experience SRL

I love all-over prints on my clothes. But this type of apparel is made from polyester in 99% of cases. So, 3 years ago I started my journey into finding the right technology to print high resolution photos and images on a cotton fabric. After 2 years and lots of unsatisfying tests with different techniques and types of cotton, I have finally found it and enthusiasm came back to me.

There it was. A big printer that could print on cotton rolls, at 1,80 meters width, with 8 different colour bottles and with water-based inks. I saw the tests and I couldn’t believe it was true. Colours were vivid and the ink was fixed into the fabric so the result was fine at touching and really good looking. I was sure that the T-Shirts are ready to carry on the messages, the stories, the vibes and the dreams of the people who wear it.

Today we get inspired by nature, people, evolution. We love colours and the game of mixing them, so we’re working with artists from all over the world. Some of them are masters in photographing nature, some get their guidance through painting on canvas while others express their skills through digital painting. Now, the possibilities are infinite so expect nothing less.

Our T-Shirts can make the first step for you in letting others know who you truly are and what you stand for, what your interests and passions are, the desires you have and the mood you’re tuned in right now. You can speak louder now with your mouth closed.