Category 4: Original Serigraphies and Giclées

"Great use of fine halftoning coupled with fine detail screen printing lead to a world class finish"

"Great use of fine halftoning coupled with fine detail screen printing lead to a world class finish"

gold winner: Andro Alu

Atelier fuer Siebdruck Lorenz Boegli

Based on a collage in format A5 from the artist we have partially underlayed the screen print on aluminium with white opaque.
Then the reproduction was produced on four-colour process printing in 150 L/inch and 3 additional colours. It’s interesting that the screen print becomes original for the artist. In February 2017 this work was exhibited in a gallery in New York.


silver winner: coming out


The MNAA (Nacional Museum of Ancient Art) and HP launched a challenge for the applicant company to reproduce 31 works of art in high-performance inkjet technology. The aim was to exhibit them at a noble area of Lisbon: Chiado, Bairro Alto and Principe Real. ComingOut was the name of the exhibition that gave an identity to the concept “The Museum comes out to the street”. ComingOut is, to say the least, an unexpected initiative from an ancient art museum, a surprising form of Street Art carried out by the classical line of art.

The works were reproduced in high-performance HP Latex technology on Art Canvas, stretched in Nordic pinewood stretcher bars, and framed in classical gilded woodcarving frames, respecting the original form of the original works of art, and complying with the procedures of authenticated reproductions.

The applicant graphic company was selected for being a pioneer company in high-performance HP Latex printing with a unique learning curve in this technology.

While these works beautified the streets of Lisbon, the Museum launched simultaneously a crowdfunding project which aimed to raise the required funds for the acquisition of the painting “The Adoration of the Magi” by Domingos Sequeira, a prominent Portuguese artist of the transition from 19th century Neoclassicism to Romanticism.

The ComingOut exhibition came to an end the best possible way: the works were auctioned, one by one, and amounted to a total of €33,000.00 which were directed to the acquisition project of Domingos Sequeira’s painting. This praiseworthy crowdfunding campaign was entitled “Sequeira no lugar certo” (Sequeira in his rightful place), and allowed any individual or institution to buy pixels, until the number of purchased pixels amounted to the cost of the work.

In August 2016, as a result of the crowdfunding campaign, the Museum managed to acquire the painting “The Adoration of the Magi”, by Domigos Sequeira, and this relevant work is today property of the MNAA - Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga. The work sent by the applicant company is an authorised exact reproduction of one of the thirty-one works exhibited on the streets for the ComingOut exhibition, on a 1:1 scale: the painting “The sad Virgin” by the Flemish artist Quentin Matsys (1466-1530).

This project shows that there is undoubtedly a very valuable market for the reproduction of authenticated replicas of works of art in high-performance digital printing technology with latex ecological inks.


silver winner: Jimi by Brano


Over 20 years’ experience combined with the latest printing technologies allows us produce only the highest quality Fine Art prints using unique patented technologies.
“Jimi by Brano” is a limited edition reproduction of Slovakian Artist Brano Hlavac who realized original and top-notch visual creations. Serigraphy allows to create more saturated and bright colors and our unique patented technology Cold Foil produces various metalized effects and selective finish with gloss varnish increases visual effect.

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bronze winner: Royal Rain

Sincerely Screen Co., Ltd


bronze winner: “Había una vez” de Paco Pomet


Paco Pomet Había una vez / Once Upon A time 2015; 69 x 59 cm; handprinted screenprint on 2mm Crescent cardboard; 11 colours; limited edition of 125 examplaires released and printed by Christian M. Walter - Taller de Serigrafía -EdiciónSince we invited the andalusian painter Paco Pomet in 2013 to collaborate with us doing some print releases,
some of his prints turned out to have a considerable international success, being sold to print collectors worldwide.

When we chose “Había una vez” to make a print of, the main challenge was that nuclear glow in it, which the author wanted to see even enhanced in comparison to the original painting. A combination of photomechanical and hand drawn films were used to build up the image. The blue was printed as a whole background, then up to 8 different transparent ocres and gray tones, and finally 2 black layers were applied.

“Había una vez” has been granted with the “Ramon Ayans Prize” of FESPA-España in November