Category 11:Direct printing on three dimensional products


Caffo - True Viodka

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We have decided to present this bottle because it includes different techniques all together; before doing this production we have had to do a lot of tests and samples. we take this challenge in order to try to reach a higher level in serigraphy and go further than our traditional work. this bottle has been made with the CHCV standard satin colour. After the 1 degrees cooking er made the hot direct screen printing in 5 colours respecting the centralising notch. We have stamped a neutral cors to create words and finestration and with an over position of blue and white colours we print the other things, then we do the 2 degrees cooking and at the end we print the pure silver, trying to achieve a chrome effect. We are very proud of the end result.


silver winner: vampire scream

qres technologies

Vampire scream is an object representing current trends of wide use of digital printing in combination with purely natural materials. In this case, UV printing technology allows to get modern concept of design while keeping and emphasizing the real and rough surface of slate stones. While increasing the potential of this natural material, it opens up new horizons in interior design, works of art and other specific areas at the same time.


bronze winner: Camel - Bepi Tosolini

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We have decided to print this bottle because of its peculiarity in colour. We have used two different techniques to decorate it; CMCV and hot direct screen printing. Doing two different cooking between one process and the other. At first we coloured the whole bottle in black semi-mat, we then did the printing in a special colour; pure gold. The printing has been done respecting the centralizing notch, going at 360 degrees. The difficult part in this work has been the ability to maintain very clear drawing, without any smearing. Also, the upper part of the drawing had to remain as it was on the paper, trying not to deform it during the printing process.