Category 3: Posters, single sheets & multi-sheets

"Fantastic finishing of this lightbox and great black density"

"Fantastic finishing of this lightbox and great black density"

gold winner: Andro poster

Atelier fuer Siebdruck Lorenz Boegli

This four-colour process printing in 150L/inch we have complemented with 2 fluorescent colours in red and pink.


bronze winner: Closed Casket ‘London Underground 4$ Posters’

Augustus martin

With the release of the new book ‘Closed Casket’ public awareness was deemed beneficial & sites were booked at prime London West End underground stations. The book jacket incorporated foil-blocking & the client wanted to replicate the book jacket on a large format poster. This proved difficult as foil-blocking is non existent at this size & alternative production methods were hideously expensive. We formulated a special rose / copper liquid colour & overprinted specific elements of the poster to match the previously produced book jacket. This was a challenge however, we where able to do this, the client was very happy with the like for like resemblance from book to poster.


silver winner: Baccarat

Atelier fuer Siebdruck Lorenz Boegli

For the new jewellery line from Baccarat we have created on black paper a new print effect in red iridescent, which has been screen printed between two opaque white print runs.

Therefore the viewer sees depending on incidence of light the portrait as a black and white or as a red, iridescent picture.


bronze winner: The Living Painting at The National Gallery

PressOn Ltd

PressOn helped their client, (an initiative of the Flower Council of Holland) create a giant living floral installation, measuring 35 square metres, to commemorate their partnership with the National Gallery’s Dutch Flowers exhibition.

The finished piece was erected outside the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, London, on 2- 6 June 2016. The installation gained coverage from the print industry across the globe and the UK’s National media.

The final artwork was seen by an estimated 150,000 visitors to the National Gallery and Trafalgar Square.

It was a challenging request and one that required PressOn to use their vast in-house technical expertise. PressOn’s joint managing director Nigel Webster said that in the initial briefing meeting no-one really knew how to achieve the final piece. The brief was simply to recreate the still life painting - Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder’s “A Still Life of Flowers in a Wan-Li Vase”, at a huge scale with c.27,000 real flowers.

PressOn suggested a digitally printed background image that could be covered in real flowers, wrapped around floristry foam, combined with sections in printed canvas. Extensive testing of materials and trialing of different installation options followed.

The result was a complicated structure, weighing 1,815 kilograms, supported by an integral water irrigation system and internal floristry foam. 26,500 real flowers were added by a team of 30 florists working through the night.

The deadline for the project was extremely tight and as a number of parties were involved, constant communication was key to the success of the project.

Flower Council of Holland’s UK marketing manager, Chanel de Kock said: “PressOn showed relentless attention to detail and dedication that helped complete this very successful project.