Category 2: Point of Purchase Products - plastic

"Image quality deep black great combination of matt and glass"

"Image quality deep black great combination of matt and glass"

gold winner: backlit print behind glass

HQ print

The subject provides a contrast between a flaming Tiger and absolute blacking. The composition is already in the unlit state through the high-contrast colour accent lighting impressively on the viewer, strengthened this impression when illuminated. By uniform illumination, the yellow and red tones occur in contrast to the deep black background, which is absolutely opaque. The pressure is perceived this as a frameless. The light-fastness was tested by FOGRA on durability. The light resistance was confirmed at up to 100 years.


Silver winner: orange launch - hot air balloon

X-Treme NV

In 2016 the well known Belgian telecom brand Mobistar became Orange, named after the international telecom group which was already the most important shareholder of Mobistar. The name change came with a new brand identity and Orange wanted to carry out this identity on some important locations in some major Belgian cities.
POP-Media contacted X-Treme to create a giant 3D element to combine with a 600m² printed PVC banner. X-Treme made an inflatable hot air balloon, finished with all necessary technical provisions for attachment on the banner.

The 2D/3D combination was installed on a beautiful location that reaches at the same time the population of the «Cimetery of Ixelles» and the «Flagey corner» as it is situated right in the middle of the famous boulevard Général Jacques between VUB and ULB.

The Boulevard Général Jacques is one of the busiest axes/streets of Brussels. The ad was seen by all commuters of Southern Brussels. Speaking of ROI!


Branded PVC Table Cloth

Screenline 1971 Pty Ltd

The branded PVC table cloths were used to create an entertaining vibe between fellow soccer lovers while still creating a brand presence for the client. The table cloth is branded according to clients requirements along with a miniature soccer field. It has become very popular in South Africa to recreate and question game plays or even come up with strategies while watching games together and enjoying a beer. Patrons can now use coins or bottle tops to represent players on the mini soccer field printed on the table cloth to strategize with their mates.