Category 12: Non Printed Signage

"The winning piece showed an outstanding combination of traditional sign writing coupled with an inspired projection image which wrapped around the buildings architectural features with projection. Creativity at its best."

"The winning piece showed an outstanding combination of traditional sign writing coupled with an inspired projection image which wrapped around the buildings architectural features with projection. Creativity at its best."


HNS Signs

Ambitious, anamorphic, artistic and garguantan signage brings a new look to birmingham’s leading leisure destination, the arcadian thanks to hns signs. The two-phase project kicked off in September, which mixed old school, traditional sign painting techniques with new technology approached to deliver a big, bold and beautiful wayfinding project to a tired, once loved Birmingham venue.

The brief was challenging, requiring significant evening work, large scale application, restricted access ring traffic management and local permissions, unfavourable weather conditions, and managing existing client conflicts between their supply chain, but the HNS Signs team lapped up the chance to work on one of Birmingham’s iconic nightlife destinations. Accessing the site to survey and then prepare was significantly tricky (see supporting material), the site which required late night projection of the images across the buildings spanned 30 metres long, which caught passers-by attention. Hours of outlining the projection by hand during cold nights, Our client, the design agency Studio Able adds: “We have worked with HNS Signs on a couple of projects now and their attention to detail and creativity is really commendable. It was a natural choice to ask HNS Signs to be part of The Arcadian redevelopment, as I’m not sure who else would’ve been able to complete the project on time, on budget and on brief!

IN SUMMARY; This project required; 155 litres of paint 12 cans of spray paint 4 litres of sign writing paint 3 layers of clothing per person 20 sleepless nights (as it had to be done after 8pm) 747 man hours on site 106 man hours prepping 20 decorators’ brushes 12 rollers 18 sable brushes 22 sharpies 200 hours design time (external design agency) 75m of paper traces 45m vinyl stencils 27 rolls of masking tape Largest projection and hand painted sign was 30m in length Average projection and hand painted sign was over 8m square And over 600 cups of coffee consumed over the project to keep the troops going through the night in the freezing cold temperatures.


3D Signage - Harley

Vasco Hungary Kft.

Why decided to do it: It is Economical and Environment Friendly. Polistyrene is the cheapest, lightest material for signmaking. Easy to work with, almost fire proof – not feeding the fire and it does not contain substances hazardous to health. The foam is only the media like the paper, the image sells. Because of the light weight can mount to the wall by glue or by a simple nail. You can hang from the seeling – no dangerous. Easy to transport – the waste is the packaging.


bronze winner: Zenith pop-up store

Printed Walls

Swiss watch house Zenith, best known for its robust and highly accurate El Primero chronograph, collaborated with juweler Degreef 1848 to open its first pop-up shop in Brussels for a period of 6 weeks.

The concept was to make a link between the ‘open’ concept of the watch (the perforated dial plate of the watch) and the high accuracy and precision of the watch, which was brought to life by Felix Baumgartner’s jump out of space (sponsered by Zenith). As a very young agency, this was our chance to prove to our client and their customers what we were able to create at a high level of quality standard. We mixed all possible sign materials and techniques we could imagine together and transformed the dilapidated place into an astonishing experience. There was no room nor time for making mistakes because of a very short deadline.

We’ve put our heart and soul in this project to make it succeed. From the outside, passengers were attracted by the light of big perforated printed watches. The prints had cutouts and showed digital rotating wheelwork projected by flatscreens. Customers where pulled in by a huge illuminated photo of Zenith’s factory. The inside walls were decorated with digital printed textile and zebrano wood prints around flatscreens telling Zenith’s story. A mega 3-dimentional rotating wheelwork catched the attention. The real surprise was in the back room where a real size model of Felix Baumgartner gave the opportunity to make a selfie and to share it. The printed capsule, the wall and floor prints of the earth gave you one moment of feeling into space.

The result was astonishing and sales ended up in a huge succes. On top, when buying this beautiful watch the client received a free trip and roundtour in Zenith’s factory. We are proud and thankfull to be part of this project.