Category 10 Glass, Ceramic, metal and wood products.

"This entry demonstrated a perfect use of UV inkjet on butler finish dibond to create range of corroded metal effects."

"This entry demonstrated a perfect use of UV inkjet on butler finish dibond to create range of corroded metal effects."

gold winner: Medway Hospital - the gift of life

Digital Plus Ltd

This was our fifth project working with the Hospital Art Studio, which was based on the theme, The Gift of Life.

Each piece of work was designed and produced using different media and techniques. We worked closely with all involved to produce an outstanding display, which met both the designers’ and commissioners’ requirements.

The Hospital Art Studio had been commissioned, on behalf of the Medway Hospital Trust, to design and project manage a three-dimensional piece of artwork that would be displayed in Medway Hospital’s atrium. The project was being created in dedication to all those who’d selflessly been organ donors over the years.

The brief involved using the entire atrium wall, which spanned four floors and measured 15 metres high x 18.5 metres wide. The display itself involved creating a scene that depicted various native species of birds flocking together and flying to ultimately form a heart shape around the wording, The Gift of Life, before soaring up into the highest parts of the wall to reflect freedom and new life.

A total of 120 birds from eight species featured within the display. Each and every one was bespoke cut out of a silver brushed finish composite aluminium and printed in a selection of aged metal finish effects.

Each of the finishes were chosen to give depth and provided a textured look to replicate the true look of birds in flight. Furthermore, every bird was produced in a different size and featured the wording, The Gift of Life. Once created, the birds were then accurately placed to create both the heart shape and flying flock formation.

Printed and cut vinyl was used to provide the main heading, which ran along the width of the finished design. An additional printed plaque, illustrating the identity of each bird species, along with information on how to become an organ donor, was also included.

Upon completion, the display attracted widespread positive feedback, which included comments, such as ‘overwhelming positive’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘stunning.’


silver winner: volubilis - vodka

P&P Promotion SRL

This bottle has a very particular shape. It has been printed with direct and indirect hot screen printing. the particular thing has been to let the printing be both transparent and visible at the same time. moreover the printing "hugs" almost all the bottle. the flower has been printed with the in-direct way while the printing of the name has been done with the direct way with a special colour; pure gold.


bronze winner: Heart of Thailand (ดวงใจไทย)

Thai Techno Plate Co., Ltd


bronze winner: Silvia Gertsch

Atelier fuer Siebdruck Lorenz Boegli

The Swiss artist Silvia Gertsch works with video images as model, which she implements in reverse glass painting for her artworks. For a edition of 35 copies to her exhibition in art museum Berne, Switzerland we have transferred the technique reverse glass painting in to screen print and have printed therefore the reversed image on back of glass.

With a second glass as second level, which is printed only on a part, it was possible to reach a enlargement of dimension. Fixed this artwork with a distance of 10 mm between the glasses, the viewer gets the impression that the women is really in front of the landscape.
We have built this print in 4 colour process scale in 150 L/inch reversedly and have it over printed in transparent white and opaque white on the back side.’