category 12: non-printed signage

gold winner - Ted Baker Store Synergy - traditional handed painted signage with a twist

HNS Signs

HNS Signs delivered an aesthetic mix of traditional sign writing with a classic edge to support the opening of their two new stores in Bicester and Oxford. Uniqueness of this project came after the original plan of using a vinyl stencil proved unsuitable, so we used an intricate trace to achieve a worn chalkboard look instead which produced an outstanding result. Taking nearly five hours to mark each board by hand and a further seven to sign-write and finish, the displays were
lovingly crafted with some text only being 2mm high. This attention to detail instantly won the team three more sign orders as Ted Baker could
see the professionalism and true skill needed to craft such works of art. The next signage project with Ted Baker turned their attentions to the main wall space and changing rooms in their Oxford store which needed a luxurious feel. Besides
this, the team expressed a desire to incorporate those little touches that help to make their stores feel special and to enhance the overall customer experience. Again, as the store interior walls had a textured and rough finish, the HNS Sign team
had to think on their feet and used a stencil and finches, traditional handing finishing techniques
that are priceless and look great. Looking at the store branding across the UK, Ted Baker has
committed to a long-term working relationship which helps build the brand and as they expand and develop, but also gives them the competitive edge, which is what

1 x chalk board 5 x Signs 1 x wall art 2 x walls in disabled changing rooms (done twice) 6 x pieces of furniture 2 x props which had to be sign painted without prior notice (a life saving ring and the other a rowing boat seat.)

We first engaged in talks with Ted Baker in October 2017 with the first display project
completed in October 2017. We now have an ongoing stream of projects we are currently
developing with Ted Baker. With most of these orders from Ted Baker, we only had a total of 5
working days to turn them around. As it takes hours to prep a wooden board properly to signwrite, we had to find a quicker solution. We discovered spray-paint! By spray-painting the boards we were able to achieve a flawless finish in minutes. We then sign painted onto the boards.

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United Kingdom


HNS expert skills, experience and techniques shone through in this project as they utilised a combination of 15 different sable brushes to apply paint and to get the exact look Ted Baker wanted. The pub signs were made using ply for the board bolstered to a pine frame and skilfully finished for a classic and authentic look. ***‘The Sock and Lobster’*** sign was hand painted to look worn
inorder to give a modern twist. We are passionate about the quality of our workmanship and this sign was no different. To add a little extra luxury
to the display we finished the board with 22 karat gold-leaf which aimed to catch the light as shoppers walk through the store. The ***‘Life is a Stitch’*** sign was also sign painted and designed to look antique. For a fully authentic look we stained the face of the sign with spray-paint before varnishing to complete the vintage look.
Both the ***‘Post Office’*** and ‘***Blooming Marvellous’*** signs that we have done for Ted
Baker had raised letters which were CNC-cut from MDF and bonded to the sign with wood
glue before wet sprayed to colour. As with all our projects, detail is everything and the back-ground
detail was sign-painted to successfully bring the
brand style together. The ***main wall*** in Ted Baker’s Oxford store was challenging. As the wall was so rough, we could not pounce it so had to use a combination of free-hand drawing and cutting out of letters from the paper trace
to create a stencil. The team used finches to hand finish the display to the highest standard.
Luxurious silver leaf added to the ‘baby’ section and dotted sparingly to the white swirls which consisted of a day’s labour, brought the wall to life and added an air of sophistication. The full impact
of the wall was achieved through the perfect mix of traditional techniques and modern creative art.

* CNC machine for wooden letters * Bench saw for cutting materials * Mortice drill and jigsaw for the frame * Everything else was done by hand

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silver winner - Astro Turf Wall

The Look Company

Our client, the Supreme Committee, the highest authority for Sports in Qatar, wanted to brand their office interiors using an innovative solution. Creating a subtle, yet aesthetically pleasing appearance, focusing on their brand and legacy. Which are the building stadiums, legacy venues showcasing their vision leading up to the FIFA World Cup 2022 to be hosted in Qatar. The brief was to think outside of the box and come up with a solution that no one had ever done before for their office interiors. The design had to focus on their people, to live and feel the brand, and to
create a tranquil environment that could promote their innovative spirit. Based on our expertise in branding and working closely with their design team, we came up with a concept that was unique but challenging. Achieving such a design was challenging from the start, as the demand from the client was high and their expectation set and cast in stone. We had to come up with a solution to achieve their goals, fulfil their vision and successfully showcase the look they wanted to create.


Non Printed

The technique used for this application had to be carefully considered as the client wanted a combination of 2 and 3D elements. Due to the fact that all the walls were curved and had to be covered from top to bottom, some spanning
over a total length of 12  meters we had to put
some thought into this and on how to achieve, and meet the client’s expectations. After careful consideration we opted to cover the curved walls
with Astro Turf and gluing it onto the walls using carpet glue. There after we raised all outlined elements such as goals post, pictograms as well as football pitch outlines by means of CNC cut outs on 9mm MDF and standoff spacers. We delivered the 9mm MDF panels on site in sections, joined and fixed the cut outs onto the wall by means of drilling using screws and wall plugs to secure the cut outs. There after we closed all the holes with filler and sanded it down in order to create a smooth surface. The panels were already sealed with a white sealer. We then applied 3M
primer 94 on the MDF panels and covered all the installed cut outs with PSV to ensure an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Materials used: 1. Astro Turf 2. Carpet Glue 3. CNC Cutting Machine 4. 9 mm MDF Sectional
Boards 5. 30 mm Spacers behind all cut out elements. 6. Wall Fasteners – Screws with wall
plugs. 7. Power Drills 8. Spirit Level 9. 3M primer 94 10. Plain White PSV – Covering all MDF cut outs

1. 200 sqm of off the shelf 30 mm Astro Turf 2. 9 mm MDF boards 3. Plain 3M PSV

The project was designed, produced and installed within 7 days with one project manager and 4 installers.