Category 1: POP Product - Paper

Gold winner: Stand Turismo do Centro


C1 shortlist 1.PNG



Design, 3D modulation and Artioscad for cutting
plates. Vutek LED UV Printing on Hexaboard
16mm and HP 3100 Latex on Textile.

Vutek GS3250 LX Pro HP 3100 Latex

1 single copy with 2,400 m2 of printed hexagonal
honeycomb cardboard 1,200 m2 of printed textile

10 days (design + production + instalation on-site)

The stand presented in this application highlighted the presence of Turismo do Centro
de Portugal in the 2017 edition of Bolsa de Turismo de Lisboa (BTL) at the Feira Internacional de Lisboa (FIL), with a 650 m2 implementation
area and a 7-metre high construction. The stand had a common zone, labelled Central Square, with 450 m2, where plentiful entertainment and public presentations took place during the whole period of the fair, and 8 public access tunnels to the Central Square, where each region of Central Portugal ensured public information desks, and thousands of visitors crossed every day. Two
rooms to hold meetings and receive private investors were also ensured, as well as technical areas for the stand’s audio-visual resources. All
these rooms were constructed using printed honeycomb cardboard walls and ceilings. The whole structure was designed and produced to
be assembled by fitting systems, safeguarding its greater sturdiness and, at the same time, cleverly conceived so that it could be assembled more quickly using an instruction manual. This was the first stand made in Portugal with such implementation area, and 100% recyclable construction features, produced in Hexaboard honeycomb cardboard and textiles printed with
digital inkjet technology. The applicant company was accountable for every stage in the project:
the structural technical design of the project in CAD system, pre-printing, printing, finishing, and
implementation/assembly of the stand at the FIL. 2,400 m2 of hexagonal honeycomb cardboard
were used and printed, in a total of 4.5 tonnes, as well as 1,200 m2 of textile weighing 300 kg. These materials were collected at the end of the fair by a recycling company, thus ensuring that each used material re-entered a circuit of
environmental awareness, proving that there are new means of temporary construction, in which
paper has a say in terms of cost and sustainable production. Supporting materials for the entry: Brochure with 3D stand images, Sketchups, 3D details of the fittings. Images of press sheets and cuts, plans, 3D with measurements, photographs
of the stand at work.

Category 2 Tesco

United Kingdom

Mixed (combination of printing techniques) TECHNIQUE
Mix of Screen / Digital printing + selective sealer, 4 colour process

Mix of Screen / Digital printing + selective sealer, 170gsm , EB Flute, 200mic display board, 400mic Matt white opaque PVC and 5mm Pal-foam. Die cut to shape


6 weeks

silver winner: Tesco - Healthy Little Swaps FOS Unit

Augustus martin

Following the success of previous HLS Front of Store units Augustus Martin was called upon again to create and deliver the next unit Taking the initial scamp drawing from our customer, Augustus Martin utilising its in house design company Twenty22 created concept 3D rendered drawings for approval, this was so accurate to the scamp drawings were approval at round one of the presentation. We then involved the CAD/3D
team to start prototyping the unit. As the unit was particularly big a lot of consideration had to be given to making the unit small enough to help keep TNT cost down yet simple enough for store staff to assemble and display. AM created a simple
to follow instruction guide and video to help with the assembly.



C1 shortlist 5.PNG

ATC designed Re-board® stand
in Euroshop exhibition in
Dusseldorf (2017). Our challenge
consisted of demonstrating the
whole potential of the material
Re-Board® through its differents
transformations. We created a
pop’up store underlined by various
lights that played a key role in
the enhancement of the material
Re-Board®. All this, in order to
transport the visitor in a tropical
and luxury atmosphere. The aim
was to create the environment of
a real shop (with dressing room,
chest of drawers, shelves, hanging
rail, ...) Our artistic direction created
the graphic pattern / design (based
on a personalized trend book) and
our product department designed
the stand. The stand is huge and
impressive, its size is 8 x 6,5 meters, and we transformed more than 320 square meters. We printed on white Re-board® and brown Re-board®, we varnished some furniture but not others. We played with the
contrast between hidden edge of
the material in one hand and visible
edges. This material is perfect to
design furniture for retail, pointof-
sale advertising, interior layout,
with creativity !



The conception of the stand
was made in 3D with SOLID
WORKS software, according to
future assembly. The 3D  Software Provides drawing to import into Adobe Illustrator. Then the digital printing was made in our large size equipement : EFI ™ VUTEk® HS125 Pro (with UV inks). The varnish was applied by the UV LFC160 Bürkle. The final step before packaging is the Cutting with our ZUND G3 3XL-1600. We cut the printed and varnished board with a specific tool
that sculpted every surfaces and folds. We actually were in charge of the delivery from France to Germany, and of the installation, in one day. One of the main advantage of this kind of realization is the fact that it is designed WITH NO SCREWS OR GLUE

* SOLID WORKS software * EFI ™
VUTEk® HS125 Pro * UV LFC160
Bürkle * ZUND G3 3XL-1600

This project was unique, we were asked to produce only one piece, for the greatest RETAIL exhibition. It is a custom design specifically created for our client (320 square meters)


C1 shortlist 4.PNG



Digitally printed on the following materials 16mm
Reboard – Main body & Structure inc. column & header 080 Solid-board - Die-cut Crest logo –
Product ‘Plague’ tasting notes etc 440 mic clear PVC (drip tray & bottle neck holder in header)
Black edging tape on sides of reboard to finish

Durst 1312 Flatbed press Digitally cut using Konsberg cutter employing both staradard and v-notch cuts on reboard.
35 Units

Two weeks from concept to production of

bronze winner: Jameson Impact Unit


The Jameson High Impact Unit is a disruptive unit designed to hold 96 bottles with a footprint of 900mm square. Focusing on the Sine Metu Crest as the centre piece of the unit
with a Jameson arched header over the unit for visibility in store. The display had to be strong and resilient to stay in-store for approx. 8-12 weeks and be capable of withstanding a lot of traffic and interaction. It was built using Reboard with a Reboard central column leaving access on 4 sides for 4 SKU’s and supporting the Jameson
Crest header which houses 8 display bottles. Four brands are displayed, Jameson Original, Jameson Crested, Jameson Caskmates and Jameson Black
Barrel. The design draws on the wood theme on the base resembling a pallet edging etc. Room for price points and tasting notes were also built into the structural and graphic design. It was very well received by our client and as importantly the
stores and their clients.

C1 shortlist 3.PNG

United Kingdom


Screen overprinting + sealer.
Match Red Bull pantone colours
(Blue, Red and Yellow)

500mic folding box board, B Flute and silver mirri. Job mounted double sided different image. die cut to shape.


4 weeks

bronze winner: Red Bull Can –FSDU

Augustus Martin

The Red Bull Sugar Free
campaign centres around the
re-promoting of the Sugar Free
variant due to the impending
“Sugar Tax” on soft drinks in the
UK. The campaign consisted of
multiple items, ranging from front
of store theatre to the shelf and
counter top. The main part of the
promotion was the Can Display.
Red Bull requested an impactful,
cost effective and easy to assemble
unit that would really disrupt the
shopper, educate and persuade.
We created a free standing, stock
holding display that answered all of
the requirements from the client.
The unit packed into a flat pack that
could be transported in small cars to
be erected in various retail outlets.
The unit was produced by screen
overprinting Silver Mirriboard to
replicate the can and elevate the
brand in the retail environment.