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Flower Girl

Flower Girl

Harwood King Printmakers

Silkscreen using 35 colours from a painting by Lizzie Richards. The use of multiple colours was used to create a painted texture to the final image. Creating the separations for the print required us the think about where the texture would be created. A set of cmyk screen printed colours was used as a starting point but then individual colours were separated and printed
using artist pigments to closely match that of the original. Flatbed Digital Varnish with a little black was added at the end of production to help add a
varnish texture to some areas.

United Kingdom

Mixed (combination of printing techniques)

Random Dot silkscreen Separations printed on Canon Separation softwareused was ICISS hue separation. Printed onto 400gsm Somerset Satin paper. Screens 16 newtons 90,120,140 mesh counts. Canon OCE Flatbed printer used to add varnish texture in background areas. This can be seen as a stippled effect.

Kippax Semi Automatic and Manual press

105 prints 125 print run

3 - 4 weeks printing time over a 3 month period